About PA Log Home Builder

It Started on Rocky Top

Twelve years ago, the Criders were living in Tennessee, on the Cumberland Plateau not far from Honest Abe Log Homes headquarters. They loved the southern feel and laid-back lifestyle on “Rocky Top,” but being newly married and expecting their first baby, they felt a strong pull toward family. Both Greg and Rose grew up in Pennsylvania, where their families still lived. Part of Greg’s family was involved in construction and restoration and his brother-in-law, Gid, was anxious to have him come help with his thriving business. During that time, Greg became a skilled builder and continued fine-tuning his craft until Gid sold the business and moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh as a missionary.

Making Old New

Greg switched his focus to restoration; a fulfillment in making the old and rotting look new again. The longer he worked with log cabins, houses, and historic buildings, the more his passion for log and timber-framed houses grew and as well as his interest in being involved in these beautiful, one-of-a-kind projects from beginning to end. He was already maintaining and restoring, so building seemed a completely natural diversification. Already possessing a high level of craftsmanship and experience with log homes and a multitude of friends and customers that confirmed that log home owners and lovers are the kind of people that are a delight to work with, Greg decided to move into the log home business.

The Right Partnership

He set his sights next on finding a supplier that had the same beliefs and practices he did. After a period of researching, he felt Honest Abe would be a good fit. The Criders became dealers and have only become more sure and enthused over time that as a team, they have the most to offer to the prospective log home buyer in central, PA. Honest Abe has never let them down and they look forward to making your log home a reality.