The Honest Value Guarantee

Simply submit a detailed quote, and we guarantee that, dollar for dollar, we'll beat it.


ARCD-6536 Honest Abe will meet or beat the price of any competitor’s comparable log home, log cabin or timber frame home package. That’s a promise.

Simply submit a detailed item-for-item quote from another company. If we find it to be lower than our package, we’ll meet it.

How can we offer such a guarantee? Because Honest Abe’s time-tested procedures have proven to be the best possible solution for new log home buyers.

Our expert design engineers create dynamic, yet efficient, floor plans. Our state-of-the-artmanufacturing process produces high-qualitypackages with less waste. Plus, everyone on our experienced staff is readily available to assist you, each step of the way.

Dollar for dollar, you can’t find a better deal – guaranteed.